How To Make Money In The Cattle Business

Brazil’s Marfrig Locks Up 82% Interest in National Beef; Two Brazilian Companies Now Processing The Majority Of Beef In America How do you make money – real money – in the cattle business?  Well, if you’re a Madison Avenue financial services company you buy controlling interest in the fourth largest U.S. meat packing plant forContinue reading “How To Make Money In The Cattle Business”

How a Pork Chop Became a Porterhouse

© Leesa Zalesky for The Sortin’ Pen Blog, February 3, 2020 Glossary of Terms for this article: ICMISC:  Industry Wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee.  ICMISC is a nationwide group of retailers, packers, industry partners, government agencies and trade associations.  In 1973, ICMISC established URMIS.   URMIS: Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards.  URMIS is aContinue reading “How a Pork Chop Became a Porterhouse”