How To Make Money In The Cattle Business

Brazil’s Marfrig Locks Up 82% Interest in National Beef; Two Brazilian Companies Now Processing The Majority Of Beef In America How do you make money – real money – in the cattle business?  Well, if you’re a Madison Avenue financial services company you buy controlling interest in the fourth largest U.S. meat packing plant forContinue reading “How To Make Money In The Cattle Business”

How a Pork Chop Became a Porterhouse

© Leesa Zalesky for The Sortin’ Pen Blog, February 3, 2020 Glossary of Terms for this article: ICMISC:  Industry Wide Cooperative Meat Identification Standards Committee.  ICMISC is a nationwide group of retailers, packers, industry partners, government agencies and trade associations.  In 1973, ICMISC established URMIS.   URMIS: Uniform Retail Meat Identity Standards.  URMIS is aContinue reading “How a Pork Chop Became a Porterhouse”

The Bray Case

BY LEESA ZALESKY Author’s Note: Although I wrote The Bray Case in 1996, the article is still relevant today because of the legal precedent the lawsuit established. The Bray Case story resides today in the Library of Congress after it was submitted by Farmer’s Union as testimony during a congressional hearing on antitrust issues. GeorgeContinue reading “The Bray Case”