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The Story Behind the Sortin’ Pen Blog

Me retire from writing and covering cattle industry news? Not a chance. After a 2018 relocation to the banks of Wahoo Creek in eastern rural Nebraska and then devoting the better part of a year to write and publish a book, “Mile Post 142: The Killing of Jack Yantis,” I found myself on a plane headed to Bismarck, North Dakota the week before Thanksgiving 2019. While there I enjoyed time with old friends and made some new ones, gave a talk about industry leaders and spokespersons needing to model the graceful, dignified behavior of my long-time publisher, Pat Goggins, and picked up some hardware recognizing my career as an investigative journalist. I also realized how much I miss meeting my friends in print every week. With the persistent encouragement of my great friend Tami Blake (, who has mastered the challenges of blogging with her own award-winning blog, here I am.

The beautiful freedom of a blog is this: one has pretty much unlimited space, uncontrolled by how much advertising is sold; your content is your own, unconstrained by publishers and/or editors who fret about which advertiser you’re pissing off; and your time is your own…you get to decide how often you’re going to post. So, after years of meeting deadlines (the printing press waits for no one) and figuring out how to deliver the news effectively in a thousand words or less, I think I’m going to like this new endeavor.

As I understand this, if you subscribe (it’s free) to my blog you’ll receive an email notification whenever I post something new. I hope you’ll do that. Happy Trails, I’ll see you here soon with news that matters.

Leesa ~ January 17, 2020

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